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Nino Jefferson Lim

Food Industry

About Nino Jefferson Lim

Based out of Walnut, California, Nino Jefferson Lim is a successful businessman and the Founder of Island Pacific Market, a supermarket chain that spans the state. Nino was introduced to the supermarket business as a young man, working in his cousin’s seafood market. 

Though he struggled with academics for a few years, he was accepted to Marymount University, which at the time was a two-year college. He graduated top of his class, earning the title of Valedictorian. Nino Lim then transferred to the University of Southern California and graduated with his Bachelor’s in Accounting two years later. Soon after, he was conflicted about a choice he had to make. Should he pursue an accounting career in New York or get started within the supermarket industry? 

Nino Jefferson Lim chose the latter, founding Island Pacific Market in March of 2000. At the heart of the business is the desire to provide the best products and services to the Filipino community, as well as place their cuisine more prominently on the culinary map. The Filipinos are the largest minority group in California and, before Nino opened his market, few other stores catered to their culinary needs. Believing that a country’s food offers a reflection of its culture, Nino Lim has vowed to provide goods and products that accurately reflect the bright and rich culture of his people. He also vowed to better serve his community, and he has been dedicated to showing up and serving them for the past twenty years.

While Nino’s business definitely had its moments rife with struggle, he was able to slowly grow his business. A word featured prominently in the market’s mission statement is “bayanihan,” a word used to communicate the incredible resilience his people have in times of hardship. Nino Lim holds the word close to his heart, and it can definitely be applied to his journey as a business owner. Today Island Pacific Market has 16 locations across California, as well as a recent expansion to Las Vegas. 

Though he is incredibly proud of being a CEO and business owner, Nino Jefferson Lim’s most rewarding role is that of a father. He loves spending time with his children. As a family, they enjoy fishing, basketball—especially the Lakers, and watching the newest hit TV show on Netflix. 

To learn more about Nino Lim and his insight into the food industry, be sure to check out his blog.